A Hypnosis Technique that ELIMINATES barrriers to success!

Is Instant, Long-Lasting Change

Really Possible?

This Master Hypnotist Says Yes But
ONLY If You Follow This 1 Crucial Rule

From: Jim Katsoulis
Date: Monday 9:14 AM

Dear Success Seeker,

If you're wondering why making permanent, long-lasting change in any area of your life seems ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE - then this will be the most important message you will EVER read.

Here's Why:

If you woke up one day and decided you wanted to change, then you're doing it all wrong.

I know this sounds outrageous, so let me explain.

You can't make a single decision to change, then expect that change to LAST.


Because DECISIONS don't control which changes last in the long term.

When we make decisions, we have to think. And when we think, we use LOGIC and REASON.

But let's be honest. How many times per day do you logically think through EVERY decision you make?

I'm sure the answer is NEVER.

That's because most of the decisions you make everyday are automatic and controlled by one thing...

Your Habits!

Habits control the things you do on a daily basis automatically WITHOUT HAVING TO THINK!

Every day we wake up, brush our teeth, eat breakfast, shower, drive to work, drive back, cook dinner, and go to sleep on complete autopilot with almost no conscious thought.

It's actually quite amazing when you stop to think about it.

But wouldn't it be amazing if every day you could THINK and ACT in a way that brings you the outcomes you want automatically?

Well, it's possible. But only if you work WITH the part of your brain that controls your habits.
The problem is, there's a lot of misconceptions about what it REALLY takes to change your habits.

Some people will tell you that changing your habits is as simple as changing your thoughts.

Other people will tell you that all you need to do is change how you feel.

And many people will tell you that all you need to do is change your actions. But we both know how hard that can be sometimes.

The fact is, changing your habits can only be done by working with a deeper force.

A force that governs your daily thoughts, feelings, and actions on a day to day

It's Called Your "Self Image"

Your self image is simply how you see yourself. It's a mental blueprint that:

  • How you feel about yourself on a daily basis AND under specific situations or circumstances
  • Who you think you are and your "role" in society
  • The kind and quality of results and outcomes you expect (and receive) in life
  • How you see yourself behaving and reacting in certain situations
  • Where your "comfort zone" is (For example: the things you WOULD and WOULDN'T do)

The self image one of the most powerful parts of our personality, yet we pay so little attention to it.

We rarely ever look at our self image as important, mainly because we were never taught about it in school, by our parents, our friends, or even society.


And That's Why You're Struggling To Change!

You may not believe me, but your self image regulates everything you think, everything you feel, and every thing you do... everyday AUTOMATICALLY!

And I'll even prove it to you.

Have you ever tried to set a goal that's larger than what you're currently used to, then quietly backed down, returned to your comfort zone, and fell back into your old habits without realizing it?

That's because your self image was REGULATING the amount of success you can achieve. You backed down because deep down inside, it didn't feel like something "you" would do.

Now let me give you another example.

If I asked you to go into a room full of strangers, and go up to every single one of them and introduce yourself with a smile on your face, would you do it?

The reality is, unless you "thought of yourself" as a naturally outgoing and likeable person, you probably wouldn't do it. The thought of it might even make "you" nervous.

You might say something like, Oh, that's not who I am." or "I'm not that kind of person.

But is THIS really who "you" are?

The only reason you might reply that way is because that's who you THINK you are.

BUT, If you thought of yourself as Mr. or Mrs. Outgoing, you would JUMP at the opportunity to meet all those new people because that's what "outgoing people do"

It's A Proven Fact That You Can't
Rise Above Your Self-Image.

Trying to live against your self image is like trying to push a boulder up a mountain. Everything in your life stays consistent with how you view yourself on the inside.

In other words, the mental movies you play in your head of how people treat you, the way you act, the things you think about, even the clothes you choose to wear, are ALL determined by the picture you have of yourself in your head.

Which means, if you want to make a SERIOUS change in your life, and be the person you've always wanted to be, you DON'T make it by repeating meaningless affirmations or setting goals.

You succeed by SEEING YOURSELF as the kind of person who would accomplish all of your lifelong goals and dreams BEFORE you try to achieve them.

And this isn't just my opinion either.

You will ALWAYS find that people who have achieved incredible feats of success don't credit just their intelligence, skillset, or talents... but more so their positive self image.

Just take a peek into the lives of the successful you'll be amazed to see how all of them stress the importance of having a healthy, empowering self image.

The person we believe ourselves to be will always act in a manner consistent with our self-image.

- Brian Tracy (famous Author, Speaker, & Entrepreneur)

Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment

- Dr. Maxwell Maltz (Author who sold 35 million copies of his book, Psychocybernetics)

An individual's self-concept is the core of his personality. It affects every aspect of human behavior: the ability to learn, the capacity to grow and change. A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success in life.

- Dr. Joyce Brothers quotes (American Psychologist)

It's Obvious. The Self Image ALWAYS Wins!

You just don't get to the top without believing in yourself FIRST.

However, the harsh reality is that you will continue to struggle to "break free" and create the life you want if you leave your self image the way it is.

This is because your self image was created on an unconscious level, most likely without your even realizing it. And many of the self defeating beliefs and habits that were ingrained in us since childhood STILL REMAIN there to this day and hold us back.

Just think about the environment you grew up in.

How did that environment shape who you think you are today? Did it fill you up to the brim with love, optimism, positivity, health, vitality and goodness?

Chances are it didn't.

But That Doesn't Matter!

Because you have a CHOICE about how you live your life.

You can be rich or poor, healthy or overweight, excited or depressed, outgoing or shy, smart or stupid.

It's all up to YOU. You CAN make positive changes in your life no matter what people told you when you were growing up.

Because when you truly change your self image on the inside, your habits change, your thoughts change, and ultimately ... your LIFE changes on the outside.

And I can tell you that this is true because of the real results my students have achieved.

Keep in mind, these students did NOT possess genius abilities or incredible talents. They were average people who made EXTRAORDINARY changes because of one thing.

They Changed Their Self Image.

When they changed their own idea of "who they are" they made giant leaps of success. Just look at what Mark (one of my students) says about how changing his self image helped him.

"This Approach Was Life Changing"

After using your program, I finally realized that real change comes from the inside. After a lifetime of trying to fight my own behaviors, this approach was life changing. I would have never believed that change could happen this easily.

Mark Chasslet
Tampa, FL

"Makes Me Feel So Much Better."

Your program answered so many questions I've been asking myself for years about why I couldn't change. I've been beating myself up for a long time, but I finally found a new way that makes me feel so much better.

Thank you,
Kaitlyn Shepard
Opal Cliffs, CA

"Since Using It, My Life Has Completely Changed."

Your New Self Image program is incredibly powerful. I knew I was listening to something special within the first 5 minutes. Since using it, my life has changed completely. It's like I became a different person, but at the same time more of the person I truly am.

Thank you so much Jim,
Nancy Hammerman
Vinson, TX

"I Felt Like A Weight Had Been Lifted Off My Chest"

I wanted to share the success I've had with your program. The section on Designing a New Self Image forced me to realize how bad my beliefs about myself were. I'd never realized it before and it was painful, but once I did, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my chest (I literally was able to breathe easier). That was the big block for me and once it was gone, the new ideas and beliefs just came and haven't stopped since. I'm grateful for this program.

Ed Papadoupoulos
Goshen, CT

"I Am Incredibly Pleased With The Results!"

I recently bought your program and I am incredibly pleased with the results! I've used it 2 times in a week and have created wonderfully beneficial results in my life.

Devin Scannura

It's clear that changing your self image can produce extraordinary results. But is this change something you can do? Will it be easy to learn?

The answer is YES! Anyone with the desire to learn can use this to experience the wonderful, fulfilling life they have always wanted.

As a master hypnotist and NLP expert, I've been helping people make changes in their lives for the last 8 years in private practice and in groups.

I've seen many people make incredible changes in their lives. But the problem is, the changes didn't always last in the long term.

These people would revert back to their old habits and behaviors, because their self image, or concept of "who they are" wasn't in alignment with the changes they were trying to make.

So I decided to create a program called My New Self Image that would give normal people the extraordinary ability to change their self image on their own, so they could naturally accomplish the things they want in life.

I took the most advanced concepts of self image psychology, and broke them down so ANYONE could EASILY understand and apply them to their life, and see tremendous changes take place.

And now I want to share this program with you.

In This Program, I'm Going To
Help You Accomplish Two Things:

First, I'm going to show you how to design a new self image from the ground up. One that not only meets all of your needs and expectations - but exceeds them.

Second, I'm going to help you permanently install your new self image into your mind. It will become a permanent part of you that naturally and automatically brings you the outcomes you want in life.

Audio Session 1
Designing Your New Self Image

In this session, you'll learn what your self image really is, where it came from, and how you can change it.

Inside you'll discover...

  • How people who are influential in your life (parents, school teachers, friends, family, etc) molded your personality and your beliefs to form who you currently are.
  • The truth about how we learn and why we copy almost EVERYTHING we see others do even if the behaviors are destructive!
  • How most learning takes place unconsciously and WHY even if we didn't specifically set out to learn anything it happens automatically.
  • How a lot of the beliefs we automatically pick up from others are unhealthy, unproductive, and NOT useful AT ALL.
  • The reason why ignoring your self image will continue to bring you the same awful results OVER and OVER again.
  • The secret to quick, permanent change and the role your FOCUS plays in it.
  • Why trying to change an aspect of your life without FIRST changing your self image will force you to revert back to your old behaviors.
    Hint: You must change on the inside, before you can change on the outside.
  • How your belief system creates your thoughts, and how those thoughts take your life in a certain direction
  • How your self image determines what "world" you live in and how shifting your "paradigm" helps you see a wider range of options for WHO and WHAT you can become in life.
  • The Puritan Connection - How certain belief systems about money will restrict you from ever becoming financially free
  • How to properly condition your mind so you can get the exact result you want almost every time.
  • The single question you must ask yourself to determine the ROOT CAUSE of each specific behavior you have.
    As soon as you find out what that behavior is doing for you, you open yourself up to having new options.
  • Why the unconscious mind is not a logical part of your mind and doesn't care how many "reasons" you give it to make a change.
  • The connection between your daily behaviors and your self image, and how using this understanding to your advantage can bring you life changing results.
  • The truth about rapid decision making and how 95% of decisions made on a daily basis are made at an unconscious level.
  • Why the self image always wins and why you aren't getting the results you want.
  • How to design a brand new self image that EMPOWERS you and sets you on track to achieving everything you want in life.
  • The way the unconscious mind will speak to you and how to communicate with it to discover what's REALLY holding you back.
    (This is easier than it sounds - you actually do it everyday)
  • How understanding the roles you do you currently play in your life can help you redefine yourself so you get EXACTLY what you want.
  • The reason you MUST get rid of any rational thought and NOT be realistic when creating your new self image.
  • How to model yourself after people who are getting the results you want to accelerate your rate of change.
  • How to stretch your mind and your personality so you can see what it's like to play the OTHER side of the role.
    You'll be able to see which kind of thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, perceptions you will need to have in order to make this happen automatically and naturally.
  • The 5 questions you must ask to know if you really have this new self image permanently installed in your mind.
  • How to leave old parts of your self image behind, and focus on what you truly want to see change take place in every aspect of your life.

Workbook 1
Designing Your New Self Image

This Adobe PDF workbook will help you further understand and apply the lessons in Session 1, Designing Your New Self Image.

Inside you'll discover...

  • What is your self image and where did it come from?
  • The power of your self image and how it literally controls WHAT
    you see and HOW you perceive the world.
  • The 3 main functions of the self image and how understanding and working WITH them can help you break free from ALL the limitations that have held you back for so long.
  • 8 evaluation and design questions that will help you get CRYSTAL CLEAR on EXACTLY how you want to be.

Audio Session 2
Installing Your New Self Image

This session will teach you how to install this self image into your mind, so it becomes the natural automatic self image that guides your behaviors for you. Once you accept your new self image as WHO YOU ARE, everything begins to change.

Inside you'll discover...

  • Why we DON'T need to change "step by step" and how we can actually make the change happen ALL at once.
  • The key role BELIEF plays in making personal change, and how to harness it.
  • How to make all old tendencies become unattractive, and new opportunities open before your eyes.
  • How focusing on ONLY what you DO want enables you to see the whole world differently.
    You'll begin behaving and thinking differently naturally.
  • The real reason why it's easier to maintain the change when you SEE YOURSELF as successful.
  • How using the "language" of the unconscious mind allows your mind to expand and your thoughts to flow.
  • The 4 key points of how your mind works.
    As you understand this it will make the installation process even more effective.
  • How your unconscious mind runs "programs" just like a computer to carry out nearly 96% of ALL of your thoughts & actions everyday.
  • Why we want to reprogram the unconscious mind and NOT the conscious mind
  • The connection between how your mind operates and makes decisions and WHY imagination trumps logic, will power, and reason EVERY single time.
  • How to put your body into a very relaxed, neutral state and use "body programming" to detect limiting beliefs.
  • How to use the "theatre of the mind" technique to program your mind to respond differently and go in the direction you want it to go in specific situations
  • Why you MUST let go of all your beliefs and your identity for a few moments to open yourself up and allow your mind to be programmed to behave differently in an automatic way.
  • How to use past experiences to strengthen your new self image and make it more real in your mind (Just because it's over doesn't mean you can't learn from it)
  • The one sentence that will show you EXACTLY what you need to do, and why you need to do it, to make change permanent.
  • The simple secret to permanent change which opens a whole new world of behaviors for yourself, letting you create the life you want easily and naturally, simply because you want to do it.
  • How to see EVERY situation as if you were this NEW person by asking this one simple question.
  • How accepting that your mind already works perfectly gives you the ability to train yourself to respond the way you want.

Workbook 2
Installing Your New Self Image

This Adobe PDF workbook will help you further understand and apply the lessons in Session 2, Installing Your New Self Image. You'll be able to make the change and make it LAST.

Inside you'll discover...

  • The 2 secrets to instant personal change.
    (These may violate everything you think you know, but in reality this is really what happens.)
  • The 4 key points of how your mind works and how to use them to make change LAST.
  • How to use body programming to communicate with your unconscious mind, and discover limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • 7 steps to effectively use the "theatre of the mind" technique to train your brain to think and act the way you would like.

In addition to Session 1: Designing Your New Self Image and Session 2: Installing Your New Self Image, I'm also including these special two bonuses.

They will help you maintain the self image of your choosing and let go of unwanted behaviors, emotions, and restrictions that are holding you back.

My New Self Image
Mental Programming Session

In this mental programming session, you'll be guided into a deep relaxed state where you can "fine tune" any aspect of your new self image to your exact specifications. You can use these techniques and this process, even when you're not in trance.

No longer will you have to accept limiting beliefs that have held you back before, when you understand how you can change those beliefs and be who you want to be.

In this mental programming session you will learn:

  • What you can do to guarantee that tomorrow morning you will wake up as THAT person
  • 5 questions you MUST ask if you want to "fine tune" any part your self image so it becomes a real, permanent part of you.
  • How to use your imagination to train your mind to automatically think and act in alignment with your new self image (You can do this anytime or anywhere)
  • Discover the secret to actually seeing yourself act in a way that YOU want naturally and automatically in different situations.
  • How to use mental programming to train your mind to recognize these new self images that are within you, so your behaviors change automatically.
  • How to make real, permanent change happen at the core level.
    (You'll see yourself approaching normal situations in a completely different way with the resources within you ready to go)
  • The one question you must ask that will let you naturally act exactly the way you want to, in whatever situation you are in. (All your habits can be changed when you answer this question a new way.)
  • How to allow your mind to create new pathways, new solutions, and new choices in your life so you automatically respond the way you would like

"Letting Go" Hypnosis Session

This relaxation session will show you how to let go of mental and emotional tension, so you can focus your mind on the person you WANT to be.

After this hypnosis session, you'll be able to:

  • Learn to naturally appreciate all the good things in your life
  • Never look at frustrating circumstances the same, because of your newfound ability to let go.
  • Begin to live everyday moment by moment, and truly appreciate and enjoy being alive since you no longer worry unnecessarily about the past or the future.
  • Feel that you are starting a new life from this day forward.
  • Enjoy each day and you will find that you feel more healthy and have more energy because you know how to let go of negative emotions.
  • Find yourself excited about the future and all the good things it will bring.
  • FEEL more alive, more energetic, and less tense, less nervous, and less and less worried about what the future might bring.
  • Finally feel at peace and in control of your life because you'll be able to see problems in their true perspective.

It's clear that My New Self Image has a LOT to offer.

And you've also read many real customer success stories, so you know for a fact this worked for them.

But How Can You Use This In The Real World?

It's obvious the economy isn't in perfect health. People are losing their jobs left and right.

In this day and age, companies only want the best, highest quality employees so they can stay in business. They're only looking for those certain people who have that EXTRA edge.

Unfortunately, most people choose to be victims, but not you.

Equipped with new knowledge you learned in My New Self Image, you decide to be proactive about it. You begin to apply the principles you learned and carefully craft a fearless, confident image of yourself in your mind.

You imagine how this person would feel, how they would stand, and how they would act and respond in the most demanding situations. You can't resist as your mind latches onto this new idea and readily accepts that this is the new "you."

You find a job opening within your area, and you decide to apply. It happens to be your dream job and you're incredibly excited. So you go in for your interview with a winning attitude and the manager is impressed by this incredible confidence he sees in you.

Taken back by your fearless attitude, he decides to hire you. Sound impossible? It's not.

This is exactly what happened for Janice.

"Ultimately Led To
Getting My Dream Job"

I want you to know that you are such an inspiration to me. Your program has helped me transform my life. I would have never believed it before, but once I began to use your techniques I started noticing changes in my life.

My relationships improved and I was much more motivated in my job which ultimately led to getting my dream job.

Thank you,
Janice Panzlet

But we're really just scratching the surface. The possibilities are TRULY endless.

Let's look at another example.

It's clear that everyone wants to feel good about themselves. But society seems to put a cap on our potential. And sadly, many people accept it.

But fortunately, you decide to settle ONLY for the BEST.

You go deep into the core of who you are, and evaluate what needs to be changed. You take your time, and rebuild yourself from the ground up. You masterfully mold a new self image of a positive, optimistic person and believe this to be "who you are."

After applying the techniques, and focusing on that clear picture of how you want to be in your mind, you finally become a new person.

Now you LOVE who you are and every day is fresh and EXCITING! And this is entirely possible, because if Marisa can do it, then so can you.

"I Feel Like A New Person!"

I feel like a new person! I've never felt as hopeful about my life as I do now, after listening to My New Self Image. It's easy to see why I kept struggling in the past with creating change in my life, it's because deep down I believed I was a failure and didn't know how to change it. I thank you for giving me the tools to end this self sabotage and finally take control of my life.

Marisa Castil
Kimball, TN

We're really only getting started, because there's SO MUCH that is possible when you change your self image to support the lifestyle you want to live.

One of my students Chris was overweight.

But here's the catch.

He didn't diet, starve himself, or become a "gym slave." He simply created a healthy, thin self image and focused on it, and the transformation happened naturally.

But I think it would be best if I let Chris describe the change he experienced in his own words.

"Within 2 Months I Had Dropped 18 lbs."

I designed and installed a new self image of me being strong, lean, and energized and within 2 months I had dropped 18 LBS. But the best part was that I didn't diet, I just naturally began eating differently the more I thought of myself in this new way.

Chris Bowman
Las Vegas, NV

Here's Everything You're Going To Get:


The Complete "My New Self Image" Program - A total of 2 complete trainings, including over 2 hours of professionally recorded material in Audio MP3 format with workbooks, to guide you through the entire process of attaining a New Self Image of yourself. You'll go step by step through the process of designing and installing your new self image.


Bonus #1 - "My New Self Image" Mental Programming Session - Let me guide you into a deep, relaxed state where you can "fine tune" your self image to your exact specification.


Bonus #2 - "Letting Go" Self Hypnosis Session - This relaxation session will show you how to let go of mental and emotional tension, so you can focus your mind on the person you WANT to be.

This is about more than just feeling good, losing weight or getting your dream job.

This is about becoming the person who is in COMPLETE control of their physical and mental focus and can direct it to become the way they want to be.

A person whose future lies in THEIR hands. That's what change is all about on a real, permanent level.

You can see that this new way of reinventing the way you see yourself can have a tremendous impact on the things you achieve in life.

But even with all these amazing stories, you still might be a little skeptical.

And that's ok!

I want you to order My New Self Image only if you feel it's right for you. And I'm going to make this decision even easier by putting ALL of the risk on ME.

Claim Your Copy of My New Self Image by Clicking Here Now

Try My New Self Image
RISK FREE For 60 Days.

I'm so sure that you will love this program that I'm willing to do something that might seem a little bit CRAZY...

I'd like to send you a copy of this program to try RISK FREE.

Here's How It Works:

Order my My New Self Image for $19.95 and use it to design a new, empowering self image, and permanently install it into your mind.

If you like the program, just keep using it!

And if you feel you have not experienced life changing results from putting the techniques in My New Self Image to work in your life,
just let me know within 60 days and you will get a FULL refund.

It's really that simple.

And to make it even easier, if you go through our program, decide it's not for you, and ask for a refund on day 60, I will STILL give you a FULL refund. No questions asked!

Can It Get Any Better?

Of course it can...

Even if you ask for a refund, you can still keep the entire My New Self Image Program PLUS all of the extra bonuses!

I know this may sound crazy, but I believe so strongly that My New Self Image will produce an incredible transformation in your life that I'm willing to take all the risk.

Here's How To Order
My New Self Image

When you click on the order button below, you'll be taken to a secure order page where you can safely order the My New Self Image program.

Simply use a valid credit or debit card for your order. After you place your order, you will be given a link to access a web page where you can download the entire contents of the course, and the bonuses, instantly to your computer.

Click the 'Add To Cart' button below to instantly download your copy of My New Self Image:

Ok, Let's be candid for a second.

You feel like something is missing from your life, otherwise you wouldn't have read this letter.

Up to this point in your life, yu may have struggled only to get nowhere.

But NOW you know exactly why.

Your self image has been holding you back but NOW you have the chance to change it.

Now don't worry if this "self image" stuff sounds complicated. It's not!

In the course, I break down the complex principles into "small" terms, so its easy for anyone to understand and apply them. If you're willing to allow yourself 15 minutes per day to put the exercises to work, then you will see positive changes in your life.

Plus, this process will get easier and more natural the more you do it. The more you practice, the more you'll see a future where YOU are in control.

The fact is, once you see yourself as a success, a person who thinks, feels and acts in alignment with the outcomes YOU want, your life will naturally begin to change for the better.

That's really what My New Self Image can give you - a healthy, empowered new "you" that will allow you the freedom and confidence to achieve any goal or dream you decide to pursue.

So go ahead and click the "Add to Cart" button above to download My New Self Image right now.

Remember, I stand by my word. You will experience tremendous results in your life, or you get ALL of your money back.

Your Friend,

Jim Katsoulis
Master Hypnotist
Creator of My New Self Image

P.S. When you order My New Staff Image you'll be taken to a page where you can instantly download all of the material to your computer. Once your download is complete, go through the program. Learn all about the self image, how it works, and how to change it. Then, use the Designing My New Self Image Worksheet to upgrade your self image however you like. See yourself as confident, as healthy, wealthy, outgoing, and popular, and watch these changes take place in your life. Notice how people respond to you differently. Observe how situations and circumstances shift in your favor. Then after 60 days simple decide if it was worth the price you paid. If yu feel it wasn't, then i will promptly refund ALL of your money back. I'm taking all of the risk to give you this opportunity. So take advantage of it.

"Since Using It, My Life
Has Completely Changed."

Your New Self Image Program in incredibly powerful. I knew I was listening to something special within the first 5 minutes. Since using it, my life has changed completely. It's like I became a different person, but at the same time more of the person I truly am.

Thank you so much Jim,
Nancy Hammerman
Vinson, TX